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New York ’s richest woman, Julia Flesher Koch, has turned into a loner in the Hamptons

Julia Flesher Koch
Julia Flesher Koch

Through a spokesperson, Julia said otherwise: “As president of the David H. Koch Charitable Foundation, Julia has both pledged and given millions of dollars to medical and educational purposes so far in 2020.”

Insiders say she is mainly busy taking stock of her new life and the responsibilities that come with such incredible wealth — “Foolish people will try getting to her for her money,” the friend said — as well as an ugly, shocking lawsuit that paints the widow as having been cruel to her then-ailing husband.

Former employee Felicia Racine, who worked for the family as a bodyguard, filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint in July, alleging discrimination and much, much more.

With its seven bedrooms, tennis court and seaside pool, Julia Flesher Koch’s $18.8 million mansion on Southampton’s so-called “Billionaire Lane” —,also home to Calvin Klein and the character Bobby Axelrod on the TV series “Billions” , is the perfect place for summertime gatherings. Julia and her late husband, controversial businessman and philanthropist David Koch, even legendarily hosted a $50,000-per-plate dinner at the estate for Mitt Romney’s failed presidential run.

But this summer, friends say, the lady of the house has turned into a hermit.

Julia is holed up with her parents and three children — David Jr. and Mary Julia, who attend Duke and Harvard, respectively; and John, a student at a Manhattan prep school — and apparently doesn’t set foot off the grounds. They’re keeping busy, according to a source close to the family, with ping-pong tournaments, puzzles and pizza nights.

“She came back to New York from Florida in June and stays on the property,” said one friend. “She doesn’t leave because of COVID. The family and staff all wear masks inside.”

And it’s not just her massive front gate that’s locked up. Insiders say that 57-year-old Julia — New York’s richest woman, with a fortune that Forbes estimates at $43.9 billion — has also closed her pocketbook.\

Fossil-fuels magnate David, who died Aug. 23, 2019, was well known for his charitable spending: donating $100 million to Lincoln Center in 2008, and tens of millions to the Smithsonian, the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other cultural institutions over the years.

His right-wing political boosterism also earned him the nickname the “Tea Party’s wallet.”

But now, a society observer told The Post, Julia’s “pocketbook is locked shut.”

When multibillionaire David Koch passed away on Aug. 23, 2019, he left Julia (right) most of his fortune.

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